Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Day for the Girls

 Millie asked me last week if we could have a girl date with me, her, and my mom. Today we dressed up, got all fancy, and met my sister for a girl date at the English Rose Tea Room in downtown Chattanooga. It was such a sweet lunch. Millie went right for making her own cup of tea. Lots of cream and sugar. She drank 4 cups (which also means lots of caffeine) during the course of the meal. She ate finger sandwiches of ham and cheese, cucumber and cream cheese, and cucumber and salmon. While she didn't care for the cucumber and salmon, I was impressed that she tried everything and liked the other cucumber sandwiches. She enjoyed being in charge of stirring the homemade vinaigrette. We topped off the lunch with a piece of chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberries.

It was one of those days when Millie had the freedom to make lots of choices and try new things, and it was such a treasure to see her in a new way. I saw glimpses of the future woman my daughter will be as she sipped her tea and held her tea cup every so daintily. I told my mom that I think she sensed that she was with the adults and did not want to miss a beat, so she stepped up and entered this big-girl world for a little while. And I loved entering her world where sipping out of a pretty cup was such a delight and eating rich, fancy foods with dear sisters and family was savored. Thank you, Lord, for such a fun, special day with my daughter.

 With Mimi waiting on Aunt Jenn to arrive

 Sipping from her little girl sized "Princess"cup

Aunt Jenn was by far Millie's favorite guest on our date

 Three generations - Of 7 grandchildren on the Burger side, 
Millie is the only girl in the lot

Ah, the privilege of being this girl's Mommy.

Monday, January 02, 2012

William Oliver - Happy 1st Birthday

 William Oliver - One Year Old

We celebrated Will's first birthday today. Honestly, I spent most of the day soaking up his sweet smiles and wonderful cuddles. One year ago tonight, he came unexpectedly, we nuzzled cheek to cheek, and then he was swooped away to the NICU. I have spent the last year soaking up all I could with this sweet boy. I took nothing with him for granted this year. We struggled through much, and the joy of my relationship with him is immeasurable. His sweet lovin' today warmed this mama's heart.

I have spent so much of this last year on this blog writing about my year with him. Here is my post recounting the events of January 2, 2011.

Will, 2011 has been crazy, but I think the Lord gave you to me as he did to show me a new love and how to love you and others during the chaos. You have been such an encouragement to me. Everyone loves your smiles and your sweet disposition. I love holding you in your favorite spot - perched on my left hip (much like your big sister), left thumb in your mouth, nuzzling your head into my shoulder (and most likely smiling coyly at whoever is around). The relationships I have with you and your siblings are so special. Our relationship is marked by a strong commitment and a true tenderness. We had to fight for a lot this year, but we are as close as can be. I love you, my sweet baby Will.

 I ordered a cake for Will that was very similar to Millie's first cake. 
I love that Wal-Mart gives a little cake for him to dig into.

 All the cousins came to eat pizza and cake to celebrate Will's birthday.

 Snuggling with Ddad and Mimi

 Aunt Jenn and Will

 Love, love, love how the Lord has blessed us with such fun children.

Time for CAKE!!!

 I thought this was so funny. I guess he was making his birthday wish.

 Hmmmm....wonder what this tastes like.

I like it!!!

 Looking like he might go into sugar shock

 Very sad when Mommy and Daddy took the cake away.

 After cake, Will had plenty of help opening his presents

Millie drew two pictures for Will and then "helped" him open them.

Happy 1st Birthday, Will.
Mommy and Daddy love you so much.