Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Ice Cream Truck

Hunter has been interested lately in riding his big boy bike (still with training wheels). He even asked if we could take a walk so that he could ride it around the neighborhood. We have not gotten him out on his bike much, so we wanted to capitalize on his new-found enthusiasm for it.

This afternoon, after Donny got home from school, we put Millie in a stroller and headed down the street for a stroll/bike ride with the kids. As we were walking, we heard the sound of an ice cream truck. There we were, in the middle of our stroll, and I just had to get my kids ice cream.

It was one of those "firsts" that seemed small but meant something to me. I do not often throw logic aside, but this afternoon I did.

It was right before dinner. The ice cream would probably ruin their appetites. Did that matter? No.

Hunter was on his bike, so the ice cream would probably melt on our way home. Did that matter? No.

Millie was in one of my favorite shirts of hers, so there was a high likelihood of drippage. Did that matter? Well, yes, but I just crossed my fingers and let that one go.

The ice cream was more than I typically pay for an entire carton of ice cream...much less two bars that would be gone within minutes. Did that matter? Not at all.

It was our first time getting ice cream from the ice cream truck. A special treat for sure. I know there will be days I will say "no" when they hear that little song luring them outside for treats galore...but today it was fun to say yes and see the delight in their eyes as we let them choose anything from the truck. We came away with a Dora popsicle (the only girl option) and a Sonic popsicle...and four smiling Friederichsens...thankful for a special few moments shared today over dripping ice cream from the ice cream truck.

Once we got home, I covered Millie's favorite shirt with this pirate shirt.

That was a Sonic the Hedghog popsicle.
Now it's mainly two green gumball eyes with some ice cream left around them.

My Little Boy is Growing Up

I have had a few moments over the past week or two when I have thought: "Wow. Hunter is going to be all grown up before I know it."

He began tee ball practice on Monday, March 8th. He loves going to the cul-de-sac with his dad and working on hitting and throwing...standing like a "T" to get the proper position for a good throw. This is Hunter's first organized sport, and I am excited for him to play for the YMCA "Wolves" this spring.

On Sunday, Hunter sat down for some "book time," looked at the book "Ten Apples on Top," and told Donny: "I think I can read this." And so he started. After I put Millie down for her nap, I joined them in Hunter's room. He was reading. We have read some basic phonics books before (you know, like "Pig sat. Dog sat on cat. Cat had a hat."), but the book he was reading was a bit more challenging. My jaw dropped every time he read a word that I just knew I was going to have to help him with...but didn't. Of course, he needed help with some words, but I was just amazed. He read over 30 pages to us. My little boy is growing up.

So here I am...loving being Hunter and Millie's mom...while also having this haunting feeling that they are going to be grown up and gone before I know it. Lord, will you give me eyes to see the big picture that all the mundane tasks of motherhood are leading to the growth and nurture of my children. One day, they will no longer be primarily under our care, so I will cherish today and rejoice over every milestone and jaw dropping moment when I realize: "Oh, they're growing up right before my eyes."
My little boy, now 5 1/2, heading to his first tee ball practice

Hunter and Donny playing baseball on Sunday in our cul-de-sac

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hallelujah, What a Savior

We have recently started having family worship with the kids at night before bedtime. We sit on the floor in the living room, pray, sing a hymn, go through some questions and answers from the Children's Catechism, and then we read and talk about a few verses from the Proverbs. We then close by praying for someone or something. So far, Millie has wanted to pray for lots of toys and characters, so we are working on that. :)

This afternoon, as the kids were playing before naps in Hunter's room, I overheard two little voices singing: "Hallelujah, what a Savior, Hallelujah, what a friend. Saving, helping, keeping, loving. He is with me to the end." That's the refrain from "Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners" which is the hymn we have been singing in family worship. Those were sweet words and sweet sounds to hear from my kids today. My prayer is that those words and the things they learn about our Savior in family worship, worship at church, and in day to day life will grip their hearts. My prayer is that those things would grip my heart as well. Thanks, kids. I needed those words today. And thank you, Lord, for putting your praise in the hearts and mouths of my children...to lead their mommy back to you this afternoon.