Saturday, July 07, 2007

Millie at Two Months

Yep, we're trying to get caught up on our blogging. Millie is growing well...13 lbs., 1 oz. at her two month check-up on June 21st. I (Kim) had a very emotional few days when she moved into size 2 diapers and began wearing 3-6 months clothes right when she turned two months old. Millie's second month was marked by two trips to Chattanooga including two nights at the Whitestone Inn with Mommy and Daddy.
I put Millie in this 0-3 month outfit the day before she moved into 3-6 month clothes. I was so sad that I didn't put her in it earlier. I found out that I LOVE pink gingham.

Hunter loves holding and checking on Millie. He is so sweet and gentle with her.

Why does Mommy take so many pictures of me???!!!

Millie and Hunter love visting their Mimi and Ddad (Kim's parents).

Sleeping Beauty

Just rocking on the porch of the Farmhouse at the Whitestone.

Millie joined Mommy and Daddy in a few games of croquet, shuffleboard, ping pong, and pool during our stay at the Whitestone.

Millie at One Month

Sorry we haven't been good about posting pics. We are having so much fun with Millie and Hunter that we just haven't gotten around to it. Millie is such a sweetheart. We love having a little girl.
Mommy loved celebrating Mother's Day with her two little ones.

Four generations of Levis/Friederichsens. Grandma, Nana, and Aunt Becky (Donny's Mom, Grandmother, and sister) came for Mother's Day...such a special day.

Lots of fun playing with Daddy.