Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aunt Becky!

Today was Aunt Becky's birthday. Becky is Donny's older sister. She lives in Plant City which is about an hour and a half from us. She took the day off work, and we enjoyed taking her to Disney to celebrate her birthday. Hunter and Millie fought all day long over who could hold her hand...and Becky was a trooper being willing to hold the kids for WAY longer than we ever do at the park. They were spoiled...and loved it. Aunt Becky was definitely the superstar of the day...and we are so blessed that we could spend a large part of her birthday with her.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Becky!!! We love you!!!

Mickey's Philharmagic

Millie and I caught some time with "Frontiersman" Donald while waiting for Hunter, Donny and Aunt Becky to ride Splash Mountain.

Hunter eating a HUGE popsicle...something else that happens only when Aunt Becky is with us.

My new favorite parade at the Magic front of the get to dance in the streets with the characters!

What a FUN Day!!!!