Saturday, May 08, 2010

Things they say these days that I don't want to forget

Millie: concuber (cucumber), hippomopotamus, Master Yoda (She always calls Yoda "Master Yoda." I think that's so funny.).

When I discipline Millie for disobedience, she has started saying two different things that crack me up. She talks to me about wanting to talk about having an attitude of "ratitude." We learned that from our children's ministry director...about having an attitude of gratitude rather than an attitude of ratitude. I have talked with Millie before about that, but even when discipline has little to do with attitude and more to do with a specific act of disobedience, she mentions (quite dramatically) about having an "attitude of wattitude." It reminds me a little of Elmer Fudd. Also, she mention sometimes about having wisdom...which she has picked up from our family going through Proverbs during family worship. It's just funny to me, because she often brings those things up when they are not the issue we are talking about at all...but I'm glad they are coming to mind...although it's hard not to start laughing when she mentions them so dramatically (as if she just figured something out) right as I am trying to talk with her about her discipline issue.

Hunter: renember (instead of "remember"...Millie does that too, but she has learned it from him), opposed to (instead of "supposed to)

During family worship, we ask the kids a series of questions from the Children's Catechism (really can't praise that learning method enough). Hunter started out answering this question as follows:

Q: Who wrote the Bible?
A: Chosen men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Hunter's Answer: Chosen men who were expired by the Holy Spirit.

Hunter also has this thing with "knuckles." He has learned to bump knuckles as a greeting or a sign of accomplishment (instead of a handshake or high five). Often, during dinner, he'll leap out of his seat, cross his eyes, make a funny face, and say "knuckles" and bump his own knuckles together. It's his funny, goofy side...which we love.

I have also appreciated this week getting some "Mudrs Day" cards from Hunter. He writes a lot, but he writes phonetically (as it sounds to him). I know he'll pick up in the spelling department in the next few years, but it is neat to watch his little mind work as he puts sounds to a page.

Loving our kids. There are some things that I would rather forget about the daily grind of parenting, but there is so much I wish I could hold on to and remember forever.