Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family Fun at Epcot

Donny has "reading week" this week which means that his classes don't meet...but his workload is HUGE right now. Thankfully, we were able to set some family time aside yesterday to take a little trip to Epcot. Our Disney passes have two months left until they expire. The heat is just about to die down (hopefully) here in Orlando, so I am hoping to make the most of the passes over the next two months.

A highlight of our day was getting Millie on Soarin for the first time. It has a height requirement that, with a carefully placed, really big bow, she met (or at least we say she one ever asked). It was fun for all of us to do that together, and Millie loved it.

I have a list of characters that I would like to get pictures with before our passes run out, so I was hoping to find Mary Poppins in the United Kingdom for a photo opportunity with the kids. Mary Poppins wasn't going to appear for a while, so we decided to go find Belle. On our way to find Belle, we saw Sleeping Beauty walking to her picture post in France. We were "those people" who totally stalked her. Once we got close, she started talking to Millie. Donny pulled her out of the stroller, and Sleeping Beauty took Millie's hand, and they walked and talked on the way to where Sleeping Beauty does her pictures. When Sleeping Beauty crouched down to get on Millie's level, Millie said: "I like your crown." Too cute. Sleeping Beauty let her touch the crown and kept on talking with her. I mean, it felt like Millie got this special one-on-one time with was too cute. Millie just acted like they were the best of friends. So sweet. I kept saying thank you to Sleeping Beauty, because I felt so blessed that Millie (and Mommy) got to have such a fun, unexpected princess experience.

Soarin for the first time as a family of four. So fun.

Getting ready to "soar" over California on Soarin'.

We thought we would get our first family ride on Test Track...but they measured Millie really closely, and we got denied. Oh well.

Hunter and I rode Mission Space. It was Hunter's first time and so fun since he is learning about space travel this week at pre-school. I think riding this made up for the fact we skipped school to go to Epcot, right?

Millie took some cute pictures with Belle, but then Millie started making silly faces for the pictures. I loved that Belle joined her in the silliness.

Princess Millie's stroll through France with Sleeping Beauty

Millie's new best friend...what a treat!