Friday, February 27, 2009

Downtown Disney...2 1/2 years later

Hunter, Millie and I trekked out to Downtown Disney yesterday...mainly to get some free trading pins that were being given to passholders. To say we had fun is a HUGE understatement. If you are ever in Orlando but don't want to pay for Disney, visit Downtown Disney on a weekday right at opening (9:30 a.m.), and you will have the place to least that is how we felt for the first hour or so.

Anyway, one of many favorite things we did was play in the stores. I was reminded of a picture we took of Hunter when he was Millie's age (22 months) in 2006 when we spent a summer with Crusade down here in Orlando.'s what 2 1/2 years of little boy growth looks like:

July 2006 - 22 months old

February 2009 - 4 years, 5 months old

So, after that trip down memory lane, we had lots of fun playing at Legoland, exploring the new T-Rex restaurant and Rainforest Cafe, and splashing in the fountains. It was a fun day I hope I won't soon forget. The kids had happy hearts, were very obedient, not many crowds, great weather...a day to be very thankful to live in Florida with young children. There even came a point when I lost a $5 bill. I went back to the store in which I thought I had lost it, and they had it. I mean, really, there are few perfect days in our lives...but this morning was pretty close to it. Thank you, Lord. What a blessing.

In the World of Disney store...having fun with all her "friends."

We all loved being a little "Goofy."

The kids enjoyed looking around (notice the Lego built dragon in the background).

Hunter really got into "pin trading" with the free set we picked up.

We capped off the day playing in the fountains.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Millie's New Favorite Naptime Song

Millie's First Dog Ears...what a cutie!

We don't have a lot of naptime/bedtime routines in our house besides the necessities (teeth brushing, diaper change, potty, etc). Sometimes we read together. Sometimes we don't. There are no necessary songs or routines. We have gone through phases of when Hunter was 3 I had to rub his belly and sing the "Rescue Pack" song from Go, Diego, Go! For the most part, we have tried to keep bedtime simple. That way, anyone can put our kids down to sleep if we are out (which is seldom these days...but still nice when it happens).

Millie, just a few days ago, as I lay her down for a nap, said: "Jesus love" I have never tried to teach her that song before, so I was shocked and excited, and my heart just melted. Anyway, I sang "Jesus Loves Me" before she went down for her nap. For the next few days, she asked for it, but she has now changed the words a little. She now says "Jesus love me...Bible tells me so much." Donny and I have been marvelling at the wonder of our daughter, her sweetness, and mostly the profound truth that Jesus loves me...the Bible tells me so much. Needless to say, I will be keeping that routine with Millie for as long as she wants.

Sleeping during playtime in her crib. Sleep well, sweet girl.