Saturday, August 02, 2008

Is it August already?

The Friederichsen Family at Tacky Prom...a Campus Crusade tradition and a fitting farewell to 6 years on staff!

Wow, I (Kim) can't believe July flew by so fast. We moved into our new house on July 1...that was tumultuous to say the least. Since then, we have tried to get settled, we took a week long trip to Chattanooga to visit family and get stuff out of storage, and we had two different sets of house guests. Whew!

Because of my constant level of exhaustion from the frenzy of the month, I don't have much to write tonight. If you want to skip the formality of the written word and get to more pics, just keep scrolling...there are more pics of the kids below. Millie is close to walking...she's 15 1/2 months...and almost there. Hunter was 16 1/2 months before he walked, so this is par for the Friederichsen course.

Donny finished his Greek class which is a prerequisite to full-time study at RTS. I think he's remarkably smart and will actually do really well with this whole seminary thing. It just seems like the Lord has grown him up "for such a time as this." I hope that doesn't sound too cheesy. Life is overwhelming, and the prospect of full-time study plus regular ministry feels like a lot...but I am excited for how God is leading our family.

Before I finish, I thought I would refer you to a friend's blog. They had a baby last week when Rachel (the mom) was only 27 weeks along. Their firstborn was really early too. I am inspired and drawn to the Lord by their story and faith. Thought you might be encouraged as I was. Their blog is

Have a great week. I'll try to be better about this whole blogging thing. If I'm not here, I'm probably on Facebook. :)

Hunter and Millie at the Chattanooga RiverPark with their cousins

This is from Mother's Day, but I love my here it is!!!